IP: EL.myminecraft.org

Welcome to Explorer's League, a server dedicated to providing as close to the original feel of pure survival and vanilla Minecraft as possible.

It is our aim to maintain a server where Builders have the freedom to unleash their creative ability with only their own imagination as the limit and for Explorer's to recapture that feeling of exploring new lands, building shelter and fighting hordes of mobs, albeit with friends!

  • EL aims to be a friendly server, creating an environment where people can build and explore without fear of bullying, judgement or discrimination.
  • EL aims to be creative in our approach to serving the players as their staff.
  • Staff aim to show enthusiasm at their job. To be keen, positive and show a willingness to help players within their abilities and in accordance with server rules.
  • EL aims to be supportive, to listen to the players and be helpful and encouraging to their endeavours.
  • EL aims to be appreciative of players, praising and recognising achievement and good community spirit.
  • EL values fairness. We never show favouritism. We maintain a consistency in our roles always seeing both sides/versions of a perspective.
  • EL values consideration. To always think of others including both staff and players. To be understanding and caring to each other.
  • EL values respect! We value each person as their own individual, treating others as you would expect to be treated in kind.

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